Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Times Reader Stars in Adobe's Air Promo

The Times Reader Stars in Adobe's Air Promo

This Adobe (ADBE) promotional video is worth watching for a couple of reasons. It reminds you that the iPad is merely one of many devices that are going to be here in the next few months. Apple's antipathy toward Flash is surely one reason this video is out. It's a reminder that Adobe has a good platform for digital tablets.

That's especially true of Air applications like the New York Times Reader. As anyone who has used the Reader knows, this application replicates—and, in many ways, improves—the experience of reading the newspaper in print. It's definitely worth the price of a subscription because it puts the paper on the device. You always have access to it.

Like apps, the Air platform offers another point of entry to the reading experience. We've seen from the Wired video what magazines will look like in Air. So we know that the only issue that needs to be resolved is how best to present ads and whether they will be effective in this distribution channel.


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