Thursday, August 28, 2008

Registration is now open for the Central PA Open Source Conference (CPOSC)

What: 2008 Central PA Open Source Conference (CPOSC)
Where: ITT Tech Campus, Harrisburg, PA
When: Sunday, October 19, 2008
Tweets: You can follow CPOSC on Twitter for updates

Tickets are limited, so don't wait to sign up if you want to attend.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

August Meeting: Color Management and Enhancing your Images with Photoshop

Date: August 27, 2008
Time: 6-8PM

East Shore Area Library - Computer Lab, 1st floor (basement)
4501 Ethel Street
Harrisburg, PA 17109
No food or drink is allowed in the computer room.
*The library now has free WiFi! for DCLS members*
Information about the meeting location

About the Meeting:

Color Management in Photoshop presented by Terry Finegan
Learn how to make sure the great color you see, the rest of the world will be able to see the same way. Calibrating your monitor and software to a standard that produces repeatable and predictable color fidelity. Using system software and/or hardware to match your monitor to output, whether print or web.

Terry Finegan has a background in photography, newspaper pre-press and graphics.

Enhancing your images with Photoshop
presented by Tim Rose

1. Quality control. Find the best in your photos or better yet, find your best and worst photos and then make em better... or worse.
2. Color range and manipulation
3. Sharpening images. Using photoshop sharpening and image manipulation.
4. Be creative

Please feel free to post a comment if there are any topics that you'd like to see covered, or if you are interested in presenting a topic.

Want to swtich from a Mac to PC or vice-versa?

Q. Can I switch my Adobe product from Windows to Mac or vice-versa?

A. Yes.
Just call Adobe Customer Service 800-833-6687 in the US for assistance. The process, as I understand it, involves signing an agreement stating that you've destroyed the product on one platform, and in return Adobe will send you the product for the other platform. According to the service folks, there may be a cost involved; verification of product is required; and restrictions apply.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Adobe strategy: Mobile app meets Photoshop Elements, Express updates

Adobe Systems on Monday let loose its plan to reinvent its image-editing software: the convergence of desktop, Webware, and mobile photo applications.

In late September, Adobe will update both Adobe's Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements with version 7, rebrand Photoshop Express as, and debut a mobile Photoshop (of sorts) for Windows Mobile.

Syncing with the new

Whereas Photoshop Express (review) began life as an experimental, Web-based offshoot of the Photoshop brand, Adobe's new strategy to automatically sync photos from desktop to Web to phone and back again now gives Photoshop Express a starring role on the Photoshop playbill, albeit using a different alias. Don't let that fool you--although the product will now be, it will retain its editing features and the ability to post photos to Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, and Picasa. The bigger difference is that the new will sync with the two Photoshop Elements applications and the new mobile software.

Read More
Mobile app meets Photoshop Elements

Monday, August 25, 2008

Steve Bratt , Chief Executive Officer of the World Wide Web Consortium, to speak in Carlisle, PA

Location: Dickinson College - Rector Science Complex, Stafford Lecture Hall, Carlisle PA
Fee: Free
For more information:
Call 717-245-1875
Go to

Tomorrow's Web
Steve Bratt, Chief Executive Officer of the World Wide Web Consortium. New technology standards will shortly be finalized for the World Wide Web. These standards will transform the Web as we know it, permitting wide-spread integration of data, across an expanding range of Web sites and devices and an explosion in the number of Web site creators and consumers. This future Web will be rich with disruption, opportunities, and challenges.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Help CPAUG promote the Flex 3 / Joey Lott presentation!

We want the Flex 3 / Joey Lott special CPAUG event to be a big success! Would you like to help us promote the event? If so, please download this promotional flyer and post it anywhere you can (legally, of course) - some ideas include your office or work, blog, and public bulletin boards.


Additional thanks to Dave Lambert for creating the flyer.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Flash Den

Hi everyone,

At our last meeting we talked a little about Flash Den and not many of us had used it. So last week I checked it out. I signed up and paid the $20 dollars base fee. When registering, you have the option of buying or selling or both. I chose both, although I knew I wouldn't being selling anything right away, it is nice to have that option for the future. Overall I was quite pleased with how easy it was to sign up and navigate the site. I eventually found a piece worth buying and that process was easy also. The rates seemed fair and they had a lot of reviews which also helped. Once you are a member you can comment and rate all of the items available to purchase. These comments come in handy because many of them are other members that have already purchased the file and have questions on how to customize it to their liking. The seller of the file I purchased seemed quite accommodating. He/She offered a lot of useful tips and answered buyer questions. After awhile the seller did stop responding. My assumption is that after a certain period of time the seller moved on to other projects, or just didn't feel like responding anymore. So there is a risk of encountering a problem with a file and the seller not responding. Luckily, the tips and previous buyers questions answered any question I would have had. I do feel as if I did have a question, there was a chance it would go unanswered. Even with that said, I thought Flash Den has a definitely worth checking out and could even be a good place to make a couple of bucks!

Home page

Example file: 3-d Rotating Carousel

Flex SDK 3.1 and Flex Builder 3.0.1

From Adobe Developer Center:
"Flex SDK 3.1 is what the team considers a milestone build, a certification of all of that work and a roll-up into a build that is recommended for all users. Flex Builder 3.0.1 is an update that includes the Flex 3.1 SDK along with numerous bug fixes and certified versions of the professional data visualization and testing components."

More at:

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

CPOSC 2008

What: CPOSC, the Central PA Open Source Conference
Date: Sunday, October 19, 2008
Registration will begin at 8 AM
Kick off at 9 AM
Break for lunch around 12 Noon
Wrap things up before 6 PM.
Location: ITT Tech, Harrisburg Campus (details)
449 Eisenhower Boulevard
Harrisburg PA 17111

About the Event:

CPOSC, the Central PA Open Source Conference, is a one-day, multi-track, low-cost conference about all things open source: software, programming, operating systems, community and more. It will take place on Sunday, Oct 19th at the ITT Tech campus in Harrisburg, PA.

As members of various open source related organizations in the area (including CPLUG & CP.rb) we realized that there is a wealth of talent and knowledge just waiting for a venue in which it can be shared. So the idea of CPOSC was born. A time and place where people with a desire to gain knowledge and people with a desire to share knowledge can meet.

JobOp: Web Developer/Programmer, Harrisburg PA


Developers of all experience levels needed for full-time positions with employer paid health benefits.

Send resume and salary requirements to: Fax (717) 671-4493-e-mail to or mail to Promotional Partners Advertising, 2259A Woodlawn Street, Harrisburg, PA 17104.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Learn SEO and PPC at SearchCamp Philly!

SearchCamp Philly
Temple University
Tuttleman Learning CenterAddress:
1210 W Berks St
Philadelphia, PA 19122
September 6 & 7, 2008

More details:

Learn to build your first desktop application with Adobe Flex 3

This tutorial from the Adobe Edge newsletter will get you started on how to build your first desktop application with Adobe Flex 3.

Introducing Central PA Flash User Group - CPFUG

I'm happy to announce that Central PA now has it's very own Flash User Group (CPFUG)! Shane Hoffa, whom you probably already know from his participation in the CPAUG meetings, is the CPFUG manager.

About the Central PA Flash User Group
This is a public user group for all Flash developers and designers in the central Pa area. If that's you, don't miss this opportunity. This is a time for everyone to come together to learn, share, and network with other Flash gurus in our area.

The First Meeting
Date: October 2nd, 2008
Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Location: JPL Productions, Directions
More at:

Friday, August 8, 2008

Mozilla launches Snowl messaging prototype

Mozilla has launched a prototype messaging Firefox extension that it says could eventually enable users to keep track of all of their electronic communications, including email, RSS, social networks and web discussions.

'Snowl' enables users to prioritise messages by importance and have a search-based interface for message retrieval, according to Mozilla developer Myk Melez.

Could the web browser help you follow and participate in online discussions?" wrote Melez in a blog post on Wednesday. "Snowl is an experiment to answer that question."
Another key idea of the project is that browser functionality for navigating web content, including tabs, bookmarks and history, can be used to navigate messages.

Read More,1000000121,39458184,00.htm

Thursday, August 7, 2008

JobOp: Cold Fusion/Flex Developer

Cold Fusion/Flex Developer

Our client, an international pharmaceutical company located in northeastern Pennsylvania, has a 3-6 month contract for a Cold Fusion Developer with 2-5 years experience in creating complex Cold Fusion applications. Knowledge of SQL and basic database architecting is required. The Developer should be familiar with popular Cold Fusion frameworks such as Mach-II and Fusebox. Extensive experience with client side technologies such as JavaScript, CSS and Flash are necessary. Knowledge of object oriented design is preferred but not mandatory.

The candidate must also have experience in Flex and Flex Builder, as well as a working knowledge in Flex to Cold Fusion connectivity. Experience with Tortoise SVN and Subversion source control software is a plus.

Interested candidates should contact Dennis Boerner, Strategic Software Solutions at or via phone at 610-948-0222.

Monday, August 4, 2008

WebToMail Delivers Any Web Page to Your Inbox

From Lifehacker:

"Web site WebToMail sends full web pages to your email on demand. Why? Let's say, for example, you're sitting behind a nasty internet filter at work that won't even let you access your friendly, productivity-enhancing Lifehacker. Just fire off an email to with the URL of the web page you want in the subject ( A few minutes later, you'll receive an email back from WebToMail with the contents of the URL you requested conveniently embedded in the email. The results vary depending on the email client you're using; in Gmail, you don't get nicely styled CSS, but you do in desktop apps like Thunderbird. Seems like a worthwhile utility to add to your IT lockdown toolbox."

Friday, August 1, 2008

Sams Teach Yourself books - 40% OFF!

From July 31 to August 27 Barnes & Noble is offering a 40% discount on these recent and bestselling titles in the Sams Teach Yourself series.

Whatever your need and whatever your time frame, there’s a Sams Teach Yourself book for you. With a Sams Teach Yourself book as your guide, you can quickly get up to speed on just about any new product or technology — in the absolute shortest period of time possible.

Learning to do new things with your computer shouldn’t be tedious or time-consuming. Sams Teach Yourself makes learning anything quick, easy, and even a little bit fun to learn the newest technologies.

PiXELWiT followup to the July CPAUG Meeting

For those of you that attended the July CPAUG meeting, be sure to check out PiXELWiT's (Sean) post on his blog with great followup information and advice!