Wednesday, March 3, 2010

That Whole Internet Thing's Not Going To Work Out

These are so fun... (Megan) 

That Whole Internet Thing's Not Going To Work Out

from SlateRemember the movies and TV shows where people had flying cars by 2000? They seem laughable now. It's hard to predict the future and how quickly technology will or won't develop. Farhad Manjoo has some pointers on how to make good predictions so you don't get laughed at later.

In 1995, Clifford Stoll, an astronomer, author, and mad-scientist type, published a column in Newsweek with a doozy of a headline: "The Internet? Bah!" The piece was based on Stoll's book, Silicon Snake Oil, in which he argued that we were all being taken for a ride by tech pundits who offered dreamy visions of a coming "information superhighway." "Baloney," Stoll wrote. "The truth is no online database will replace your daily newspaper, no CD-ROM can take the place of a competent teacher and no computer network will change the way government works."

Read some bad tech predictions and advice on how not to fall victim to them.

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