Monday, March 8, 2010

HP Slate Demo Shows Off Flash Support [VIDEO]

HP Slate Demo Shows Off Flash Support [VIDEO]

One of many upcoming tablet alternatives to the Apple iPad, HP's forthcoming Slate device was teased briefly by Steve Ballmer at Microsoft's CES keynote earlier this year. HP and Adobe teamed up to offer a couple of video demos of the HP Slate (embedded below), with an emphasis on showcasing its Flash and AIR support.

Punctuating even further Adobe's row with Apple over the lack of Flash on the iPhone and iPad, both videos lay it on thick with emphasis on how Flash support lets you "access the full web and not just a part of it." The first demo video below shows off photo-sharing and editing, interactive crossword puzzles, Flash games, and more as well as the on-screen keyboard and other elements of the HP Slate user interface. The second video is a 30-second marketing reel showing off the HP Slate in action.

We still don't have any more solid details about what's under the hood, when the HP Slate will be released or a target price, but these videos are another milestone in the brewing year of the tablet. The HP Slate has the distinction of being one of the few we know about that will run Windows 7. Are you excited about the new tablet form factor, and do you have a...

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