Saturday, May 8, 2010

JobOp: Senior Content Analyst

The Senior Content Analyst will be expected to have advanced XML skills that will fit into the product environment and allow learning the Content Management System to go smoothly. Projects will be assigned to the senior analyst as required. For example, company uses its own system to author and publish product documentation so the senior analyst could be given an assignment to write new documentation for an upcoming release based on a programming write up of the new feature. 

Once the senior analyst gets through basic training they will likely be the support leader for one or more clients. This means they will manage any support issues for that client. It doesn't mean they have to solve the support issues by themselves but they have to make sure the right resources are brought to bear on the issues. They could be given publishing assignments to write style sheets for output from the system that our clients need to publish. They would need to have a skill set that understands XSLTs and XSL-FOs to do this. They may be asked to help implement a new client on the DITA setup. This would require they have learned about the DITA XML configuration and understand how it works. They could be given a task to set up content definitions in the system for a new client project. This would require that they received training on how to set up the application using the System Administrator program. Finally, when the Senior Analyst is fully trained, they could be the project leader for a new application installation for a new client.

Company does not expect that one individual would be able to do all of the above tasks but is looking for the individual who would be able to do more than one or two of the above activities.

Required Skills:

  • Five or more years experience as an XML analyst Experience working with XML content and the ability to read/write an XML DTD or Schema Experience using DITA (Darwin Information Type Architecture) with XML content Experience in Publishing XML and experience in writing some type of formats or stylesheets.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint Has used an XML editor or publishing tool such as XMETAL, Oxygen, EPIC, XOPUS, or FrameMaker.
  • Can demonstrate problem solving skills
  • Can demonstrate troubleshooting skills
  • Can demonstrate organizational and communication skills Willing to travel Can demonstrate project management skills

Desired Skills:
  • Has worked with a Content Management System.
  • Has experience writing or using XSLT, XSL-FO, or CSS stylesheets.
  • Experience with the DITA Open Tool Kit for Publishing XML content

Frank X. Daly
Aavalar Consulting

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