Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How To Photograph Your Product to Enhance Your Online Sales in 4 Easy Steps (via Digital Photography School)

"If a product had a bad photograph, we’re talking the little thumbnail preview image here, I would not even click through to see the product details.

I am convinced that a good image can be a make or break situation for an online vendor. I can say emphatically and with absolute conviction that I would be more likely to purchase a poorly crafted product that had been well photographed than I would a wonderfully made product that had been photographed poorly. I think online shoppers, admittedly on a subconscious level, are making similar judgments, though perhaps not as extremely, of our online products every day.
Here are some tips anyone with ANY camera can begin using today to improve the quality of their shots for online sales.

**Given the fact that few online vendors are also skilled photographers with fancy lighting set ups, we’re keeping things super simple by using natural light. **"

Full tutorial:

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