Monday, May 18, 2009

Why I love the local User Group

I can't resist sharing this... 

"I was doubtful that the Adobe users in our area would be able to offer advanced presentations that are really going to advance my skill set, and, in 6 years of contracting, I'd never once needed to hire a subcontractor.

Within two weeks, though, my motivations took a decidedly selfish turn.  A long time contracting client needed some PHP work done, and I didn't have time to do it.   I thought back to that first meeting and the new members, mostly students from local community colleges, that had introduced themselves.  One of the students stood out in my mind, because he said that, in addition to going to school, he also had a job coding php. So, within hours of determining the requirement for a php developer, I had one on the job. He did a nice job at a reasonable rate.

My intention to give presentations to help the group members learn in general became subtly changed.  I realized that, by giving the right presentations, I could shape a pool of available labor that knew the things I needed them to know, and I could identify the members who seemed to understand the material the best. I could then use these minions to take over the world.  Did I say that out loud?"

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