Saturday, April 10, 2010

Adobe Vs. Apple War Generates Rage, Facebook Group

Adobe Vs. Apple War Generates Rage, Facebook Group

It was inevitable. Adobe has an unofficial Facebook fan club: "I'm With Adobe," an allusion to the viral "I'm With Coco" campaign for jilted ex-Tonight Show host Conan O'Brien. As of Saturday afternoon, the group (started by John Addis, a Web & Media Director at Rizzi Designs) has attracted more than 1,200 members in less than three days.

The group's manifesto is:

The recent war between Adobe and Apple reached a breaking point on April 8, 2010, when Steve Jobs not only recommitted to never allowing Flash to run on the iPhone or iPad, but even banning Adobe's new Flash-to-iPhone C compiler which was to go on sale Saturday, April 10.

There is no longer any debate as to who the "bad guy" is in this story — Apple has proven themselves to be anti-competition, anti-developer, and anti-consumer.

I stand with Adobe.

While you would expect a club like this to attract rabid Adobe supporters (and there is a lot of that), several members expressed their longstanding support for Adobe and Apple and the difficulty of reconciling their frustration with the new SDK agreement and their fierce loyalty to Apple. As one Facebook user put it :

How did we get to this point? The tension between Apple and Adobe has been simmering for quite a while, but the clear breaking point (as we all know) was the release of the new SDK agreement which essentially blocks Flash developers from the iPhone.

I tried to put together an (incomplete) collection of Adobe employee reactions— from the iPad release to Adobe's "Viva La Resistance." In my last post, "Adobe: Go Screw Yourself Apple," some commenters pointed out that the title was unfair because it was the wo...

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