Friday, November 20, 2009

CPAUG Library Book Request and Renewal Form

Please fill out all of the information in this Book Request Form to request, hold or renew a library book. All requests must be received by 2pm on the CPAUG meeting day. Only pre-requested books will be brought to the CPAUG meeting for checkout completion.
View the CPAUG Library Book Inventory to see what books are currently available.

This information is available on the CPAUG website (AdobeGroups) just below the Upcoming Events list. It's also available on the CPAUG blog ( on the top of the right rail. It will be included in our emails on the right rail as well.

What is the CPAUG Library? It's a resource that we've made available just for CPAUG Members. The books come from our publishing partners, donations and fellow user group members. Members can request a book online and pick it up and return it at CPAUG meetings. All future books that we receive from book publishers go into the library for every one's use. Any duplicate books we may receive are raffled off at our meetings. Returning books are on the honor system.

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