Monday, September 7, 2009

TUESDAY! Live via Connect: "The Other Side of Flash Catalyst"

Doug Winnie is Group Product Manager for Adobe Web Tools including Dreamweaver and Fireworks and the integration of Creative Suite with Flash Professional, Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst.

TUESDAY EVENING at 7pm Central time online.
Connect URL:

Title: "The Other Side of Flash Catalyst"

Description: We have all seen the demos...Design in Photoshop, Illustrator or Fireworks and work with those designs in Catalyst and *poof* instant Flex application. But what if your application is extremely customized, or you need to develop and design at the same time?
Doug Winnie (, Group Product Manager for Web Tools and Workflow along with James Polanco and Aaron Pedersen, Architects and Founders of DevelopmentArc ( will discuss an alternate workflow using Catalyst from a different perspective, and will also show how that process has worked with a new Adobe project codenamed "Cascade".

All are welcome and feel free to pass on the URL.

Tuesday night at 7pm Central Daylight Time.

It will be recorded if you can’t make it.

The info is here.

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