Monday, February 16, 2009

Flash for mobile 2010

Adobe Is All Flash. Announces Vaporware For Several Mobile Phones, Except The iPhone.

by Erick Schonfeld on February 15, 2009

Adobe wants everyone to know that its fully-featured Flash Player, not the dinky lite version, will be available on many mobile phones . . . in 2010. So hang tight until then. The phones that will support Flash 10 include the Palm Pre, Nokia S60 models, Android phones, and Windows Mobile (but we already knew about those last two). Seriously, Adobe has been working on this for how long now? Maybe it is waiting for phones to come out with their own special Flash graphics processors.

Conspicuously absent from this vaporware announcement is the iPhone. Apple still thinks Flash is a resource hog and likely has some other business issues with it (even though Adobe is waiving its license fee for Flash on mobile devices).

Adobe cannot afford to continue to be invisible on mobile phones. To spur developers to create mobile Flash apps, it also announced a new $10 million fund in conjunction with Nokia around its Open Screen Project. The fund will provide grants to developers who create mobile apps that run on the Flash platform (including Adobe Air apps), Nokia phones, and other devices.

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