Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My 1st experience with LiveCycle Designer

I was introduced to the world of LiveCycle Designer for the first time last week. I needed to design an interactive form template that a non-computer savvy person could use, but still had a professional layout design. This being my first go, I googled it.

I was pleasantly surprised when I found the Forms section of Acrobat would take me to LiveCycle Designer to do exactly what I need! I found that I could design a layout in Illustrator, (don't have InDesign at work), save it as a PDF and open it with Acrobat. Once open in Acrobat, just go under Forms, Create New and you can than select "Start with an existing document". This allows you convert an existing file into an interactive form (which is clearly labeled). From there you will go through a few prompts and it opens LiveCycle Designer. Once inside Livecycle Designer then you can manipulate the form to whatever you might need. I only needed 6 text fields, with multiple design styles to lay over my background design. The help files made it extremely easy to figure out how to add the style and control to each text field. Then you just save it as whatever PDF Version you like, and it is ready to go. It is completely interactive in acrobat reader, just point, click and type. Perfect for the reluctant computer user who doesn't even like to check their email. So in a relatively short amount of time I was able to create what I needed and learned a good bit about what LiveCycle Designer is capable of. Overall I was impressed. So if you ever get a chance check it out.

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