Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dauphin County PA - Community Recycling Day!

If you live in Dauphin County PA and you have some electronics (and more) you'd like to recycle, be sure to drop the items off this Saturday, October 4th from 9AM - 1PM at HACC .

The event allows county residents to safely dispose of unwanted electronic devices at no cost, including TVs and computers.

Bulky items such as stoves, washers and dryers will cost $25 each. Refrigerators, from which the freon has been removed, will cost $35, and household freezers, $45.

Passenger vehicle tires that have been removed from the rims and are clean will be accepted free with a limit of 10 per household. Identification will be required for tire disposal.

Some large tires will be accepted for a fee.

Wearable clothing, useable household items and toys will also be accepted for recycling.

For a complete list of call Dauphin County's recycling hotline: 780-6351, or visit Dauphin County Waste Management and Recycling.

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