Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Flash Den

Hi everyone,

At our last meeting we talked a little about Flash Den and not many of us had used it. So last week I checked it out. I signed up and paid the $20 dollars base fee. When registering, you have the option of buying or selling or both. I chose both, although I knew I wouldn't being selling anything right away, it is nice to have that option for the future. Overall I was quite pleased with how easy it was to sign up and navigate the site. I eventually found a piece worth buying and that process was easy also. The rates seemed fair and they had a lot of reviews which also helped. Once you are a member you can comment and rate all of the items available to purchase. These comments come in handy because many of them are other members that have already purchased the file and have questions on how to customize it to their liking. The seller of the file I purchased seemed quite accommodating. He/She offered a lot of useful tips and answered buyer questions. After awhile the seller did stop responding. My assumption is that after a certain period of time the seller moved on to other projects, or just didn't feel like responding anymore. So there is a risk of encountering a problem with a file and the seller not responding. Luckily, the tips and previous buyers questions answered any question I would have had. I do feel as if I did have a question, there was a chance it would go unanswered. Even with that said, I thought Flash Den has a definitely worth checking out and could even be a good place to make a couple of bucks!

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Example file: 3-d Rotating Carousel

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