Wednesday, August 13, 2008

CPOSC 2008

What: CPOSC, the Central PA Open Source Conference
Date: Sunday, October 19, 2008
Registration will begin at 8 AM
Kick off at 9 AM
Break for lunch around 12 Noon
Wrap things up before 6 PM.
Location: ITT Tech, Harrisburg Campus (details)
449 Eisenhower Boulevard
Harrisburg PA 17111

About the Event:

CPOSC, the Central PA Open Source Conference, is a one-day, multi-track, low-cost conference about all things open source: software, programming, operating systems, community and more. It will take place on Sunday, Oct 19th at the ITT Tech campus in Harrisburg, PA.

As members of various open source related organizations in the area (including CPLUG & CP.rb) we realized that there is a wealth of talent and knowledge just waiting for a venue in which it can be shared. So the idea of CPOSC was born. A time and place where people with a desire to gain knowledge and people with a desire to share knowledge can meet.

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