Thursday, February 4, 2010

5th Annual Philly Emerging Tech Conference

Registration is open for the 5th Annual Philly Emerging Tech Conference (a.k.a. Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise), which is set for April 8 - April 9 at the Society Hill Sheraton:

Sessions include:

   * Clojure's Approach to State and Identity -- Rich Hickey (creator of Clojure)

   * What's New in Spring Integration 2.0 -- Mark Fisher (Spring Integration Project lead)

   * Building DSLs in Groovy -- Venkat Subramaniam (author of Programming Groovy and Programming Scala)

   * Weld and the Future of Seam -- Dan Allen (Seam Project Team at JBoss, Red Hat)

   * Source-Oriented Architecture (ROA) and REST -- Scott Davis (author of Groovy Recipes: Greasing the Wheels of Java)

   * Deploying Java Applications on Amazon EC2 -- Chris Richardson (head of Cloud Computing, SpringSource)

   * Building Distributed Systems with Scala -- Alex Payne (Twitter platform lead; author of Programming Scala)

Talks about a wide array of languages and technologies complement the Java and JVM-based content. Session topics range from iphone development to Google Wave to alternatives to relational databases.

The keynote speakers will be "Uncle Bob" Martin, who served as the first chairman of the Agile Alliance, and industry analyst Michael Cote.

The Early Bird rate, available through February 15, is $275 per person. If you can take advantage of the group discount (4 colleagues or friends, not necessarily from the same company, registering at the same time), the price comes to $206.

To register, or for more information: 

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