Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mo' Money for CPAUG (or why we've joined Affiliate Programs)

We've realized that while we've been doing pretty good without any kind of cash funding for CPAUG, that it would probably make things a little nicer if we had a little bit of money to help fund the group. Currently, anything that isn't provide directly from Adobe or our generous book publishing sponsors is coming from, well, us: Your group managers.

So as a way to get a little extra funds (ie. soda money) for the group without causing hardship on the members or being overly intrusive, we've decided to join the Packt Pub and affiliate programs.

What that means essentially is that when we link out to items on our websites and emails such as Adobe books and software (like we would do anyhow) we'll be using our affiliate links to make a small percentage on any items you may purchase using that link.

If you're considering buying software or books, please consider going through our affiliate links or fancy Adobe-product customized CPAUG Store so that CPAUG may get a small percentage of your purchase in return.

All proceeds go back into running the group. Thanks for your support!

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