Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August Meeting Recap: Casual Meeting at Panera

Thanks to those who attended the meeting. We had some good talks about Adobe stuff and then some. Some of the topics we covered and conversations we had were:

  • The new Gmail iPhone app "GPush" that just became available a few hours before the meeting. This is a 3rd party app that uses "push" to send your gmail to you instantly. General consensus among the iPhone owners: We can't live without it.
  • Adobe Lightroom. What is it, how's it different from Photoshop? Who should use it? Be sure to attend our September meeting on Lightroom.
  • Photo viewers: What viewers we used to open various types of image files? Windows Photo Viewer and Picassa quick viewer.
  • Rumors about that Tapplet
  • General thoughts on Windows 7: It's not too bad...way better than Vista.
  • Using Debugar to view your website designs/dev in many versions of Internet Explorer
  • Using Adobe Bridge CS4: Vast performance improvements over CS3
  • ...and other fun stuff like Netflix, the Roku player, and our favorite movies and TV shows which include Dawn of the Dead (the new one), 28 Days Later, Full Metal Jacket, Pulp Fiction, No Country for Old Men, There Will Be Blood, Real Geniuses (no kidding), Dexter, Psyche and more. New movies that we've seen or want to: GI Joe, rec/Quarantine, District 9.

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