Thursday, January 15, 2009

Advanced Twitter for Business Live Webcast

Advanced Twitter for Business
Conversation, Community, and Profit--140 Characters at a Time

Presented by Sarah Milstein, a consultant on Web 2.0 and editorial

Twitter matters. This free, nimble, and powerful messaging service is
fast becoming an essential part of every smart business's social media

If you're ready to go beyond dabbling with Twitter, join us for our new
"Advanced Twitter for Business" webcast on February 6. Learn everything
you need to launch a successful Twitter strategy for your business.
You'll learn how to use Twitter to promote your business, build
community, find employees, and research the market and your competition:

- Why--and how--to "listen" before you tweet
- How to get followers
- Picking the best people to represent your company on Twitter
- Promotional offers and contests on Twitter
- Trak what the Twitterverse says about your company, products,
competition, and trends
- Useful third-party tools and services built on Twitter
- Lots of real-world examples of what works and why

Date: Friday, February 6 at 10am PST (18:00 GMT)
Price: $99
Duration: Approx. 90 minutes
To register:

Questions? Please send email to

**** Don't wait 'til the last minute--registration closes at 5:00pm PST
on Thursday, February 5. ****

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About Sarah Milstein

Sarah Milstein has been on Twitter since the beginning--she was user
#17. A consultant on Web 2.0 and editorial strategies, and an MBA
candidate at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, she was
previously the Chief Publishing Evangelist for O'Reilly Media. Prior to
that, Sarah was O'Reilly's Managing Editor, Senior Editor, and Editor,
leading the development of the Missing Manuals, a best-selling series of
computer books for non-geeks. She's also written for the series,
co-authoring Google: The Missing Manual (1st ed 2004; 2nd ed 2006).
Before joining O'Reilly in 2003, Sarah was a freelance writer and
editor, and a regular contributor to The New York Times. She was also a
program founder for Just Food, a local-food-and-farms non-profit, and
co-founder of Two Tomatoes Records, a label that distributes and
promotes the work of children's musician Laurie Berkner.

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