Saturday, November 22, 2008

Meet Adobe Groups

Adobe Groups gives the Adobe community a place to connect, find one another, and locate communities of people who share their interests—whether in their own back yard or worldwide. It is a common home for Adobe user groups, containing information about those groups, their areas of focus, and past and future meetings.

Adobe Groups provides a forum of support and technology to the community at all levels. Whether your professional focus is design or development or you're a hobbyist looking to gain experience, or you are just starting out, Adobe Groups can help you strengthen community ties, build your network, learn the latest technology innovations, and see the techniques that turn novices into experts—and experts into gurus.

Nearly all of the content on Adobe Groups is created or curated not by Adobe staff but by the user group managers themselves. Adobe user groups are run by community members like you. They are professionals who live and work all over the world, love Adobe products, and make time in their lives to share their passion and expertise with others in their area. They are a tremendous resource to the Adobe community, building connections and fostering learning face to face. We've built Adobe Groups in large part to help them do their work better and more easily.

Adobe Groups is currently organized by region, so no matter where you are in the world, you can quickly and easily find what's closest to your home, office, or school. And if there are no user groups listed in your local area, you can find out how to start a brand-new user group.

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