Thursday, July 10, 2008

Give Peachpit your input on their new design magazine!

Give us your input on our new all-digital, interactive design magazine!

Dear User Group Members,

Due to feedback we've received about the download experience for some users, we have revised the link to reFresh. If you had issues with the PDF file opening directly in your browser, please give the download another chance. For the best multimedia experience, use Adobe Acrobat Professional, version 8.1.2 or higher, or the free Adobe Reader 8.1.2. Thanks for your patience and feedback!

As key members of our community, we want you to be the first to know about reFresh, a brand new interactive magazine featuring Peachpit and New Riders best-selling authors we'll be launching soon for creative professionals. Before we release the magazine to the general public, we'd like to share with you an exclusive sneak peek in exchange for your thoughts on what works, what doesn't, and how we can make the magazine as valuable as possible to you, our most devoted readers.

Our goal with this new magazine is to "refresh" you creatively by helping you think about design and technology in a new way. We aim not only to instruct, but also to inspire. reFresh delivers an experience that goes beyond words and images, it's a digital magazine where you'll find video and audio clips that both show and tell you about the featured tools, techniques, and people.

We're delighted to feature a monthly column by designer Robin Williams, author of The Non-Designer's Design Book and more than 20 other best-selling titles. In each issue, you'll see and hear top creative professionals describe what inspires them and how they work. The renowned digital painter Bert Monroy kicks off our inaugural issue with an exclusive look at his latest Photoshop painting.

We plan to offer 12 issues of reFresh per year for only $99, but before we send out the first issue, we want your feedback. We invite you and your members to download the PDF (162 MB) for free and tell us what you think by completing the survey at

As a special thank you for your help, each person who completes the survey by July 31, 2008 will receive a free copy of Nash Editions: Photography and the Art of Digital Printing.

Your input today will help us ensure that reFresh hits the mark with top inspirational and instructional content. We greatly appreciate your constructive and candid feedback.

Warm regards,
The Peachpit Team

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  1. Is there anybody who already received the promised copy of " Photography and the Art of Digital Printing" ??
    Is there anybody who nows when they will be shipped ?


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