Thursday, April 24, 2008

April Meeting Recap: 30onAIR

Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting yesterday!

Glen Williams provided further details on the progress of the work-in-progress Harrisburg Flash Film Festival. More details will be provided as they become available.

Here are the notes from the / 30onAIR portion of the meeting. Most of the tips are from the book YouTube for You which was raffled away at the end of the meeting.

YouTube (30onAIR) CPAUG project

30onAIR specifics
  • If you want to be included in the project, when you upload your video to YouTube, use the tag "30onair"

YouTube Tips
  • Short videos are better than longer ones. Get to the point fast. Max 10 minutes (YouTube limit). Less than 100 MB
  • Use adequate lighting, flattering camera angles, decent sound quality, no rapid movement
  • Know you're shooting for a tiny screen and lower resolution. Stick with closeups, plain backgrounds and high contrast.
  • Uses FLV (Adobe Flash Video) Format. YouTube converts your files for you
  • You can upload MPEG-4 (.AVI or .MPG), Quicktime (.MOV) or Windows (.WMV) file formats
  • The best settings: MPEG-4 with either the DivX or Xvid encoders, MP3 audio, 320x240 resolution, 30 FPS (Frames per second)
  • You'll most likely want to use video editing software to cut/resize your movie. Some examples are Adobe Premier, Windows Movie Maker (PC) and iMovie (Mac). Using this software will produce better results than letting YouTube convert it.
  • You can choose whether to make your videos public or private.
  • You can choose whether you want to make comments available, "sort of" (on approval) or not at all.

Windows Movie Maker
You can use this free program (Windows XP/Vista) to edit your video.
  1. Capture Video -->Import Video
  2. Edit Movie --> Make Title or credits (or whatever). Drag and drop the order you want your Title & movie to the timeline (bottom)
  3. Save to my computer

Mobile YouTube
  • Not only can you view videos, but if you have a video camera on your cell phone, you can upload right from your phone.
  • First, you must have a YouTube account, then click My Account --> Account Settings --> Mobile Uploads Profile. Once set up, your profile will show you the email address you will send your video to. Typically a series of numbers with "" Add it to your phone address book for easy use.

To Remove a video from YouTube
  • Videos stay up indefinitely
  • Click on My Videos from the YouTube homepage, then click the Remove Video button below the video you want to remove. That's it!
  • All videos are permanently deleted and you'll have to re-upload the video if you accidentally remove something you didn't intend to.

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