Thursday, January 31, 2008

Evaluate this Design:

Dave Lambert, CPAUG member and the website designer for has requested your help in evaluating his design and and advice you'd like to offer. Please post comments to the blog.

He is looking to make it aesthetically pleasing and as user friendly as possible. Some of the questions he's looking to have answered are:
  • Are the links visible and easy to use (should there be a graphic to represent each category?)
  • Where is your eye drawn to when you enter a page
  • Do the colors on each page play well with each other - highlighting the products, prices and headings, or is there being drowned in a pool of gray monotony
  • Some pages have back navigation. Should back navigation be applied to all pages or is it unnecessary. For the pages with back navigation, is it effective or confusing?
Links with an (*) after all links that have back navigation already applied. Please mention if it is to hard to find. (*)

Feel free to mention anything you remember about the January CPAUG meeting's discussion on how to improve the look of this.
These are some of the old links, please tell him if there is anything good about the old page that should be utilized in the new pages.

Thanks for your help!

1 comment:

  1. Basically my first impression on the home page stating the site is about small engines. From there the color scheme seems pretty consistent. Nice mouse over with red for links. Links read pretty clearly. The exception is the grey/gold color used on some of the footers. This is color pretty out of sync with everything else. Maybe the footer is still in development. perhaps a light grey as used in some table headers or just white. Over all every thing reads well.

    From home page, kohler engine parts, exhaust fittings, this may also be in development , green & gold are out of sync.
    On page for Air Compressors, Parts and Accessories page then to Cambell Hausfeld link. That page should offer immediate way to purchase or clear link to purchase but it is confusing. Also I vote for back nav everywhere. The less experienced user will love you for it.
    Just a few comments from the peanut gallery.


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