Friday, October 19, 2007

Craig Malcolm Petrou steps down as CPMMUG Manager

Thanks to Craig Petrou for all of his hard work and dedication over the years. Wishing you the best of luck, Craig!

Here is his message from October 8, 2007:

It's Hard to Say Good-bye to Yesterday
After 5+ years, Craig Malcolm Petrou steps down as CPMMUG Manager

Since the beginning of Spring 2007, it has become painfully apparent to me, that due to other commitments I haven't been able to devote as much time as I would like to my role as the Central PA-based Adobe User Group Manager and Webmaster.

I also have other prospective interests and business ideas that I wish to pursue, making my available time even scarcer. Something has to change.

It is therefore with much regret that, effectively immediately, I'm stepping down from my role as Manager and Webmaster of the Central PA-based Adobe User Group. In the near future, I will also be taking down the existing Web site and discontinuing this e-mail list.

On the brighter side, this Central PA-based Adobe User Group needs someone who is able to contribute as much time as the position deserves, which I feel I am no longer able to do. Far better for me to step aside now and let someone else take my place instead of holding on to a vague promise that my situation will change in the near future.

Please don't take this to mean I am leaving the idea of an Adobe User Group entirely. I will be continuing as Manager of PSECU's internal Corporate Champions Adobe User Group. I may even attend a future Central PA-based Adobe User Group meeting from time-to-time - schedule permitting.

Managing the Central PA-based Adobe User Group has been a fantastic learning experience. I've learned so much through everyone's generosity and willingness to share over past 5+ years. Not only that, but I have made great networking contacts and friends both locally, at Adobe (formerly Macromedia) and Worldwide.

I want to thank everyone that's devoted time, energy, blood, sweat and tears to our Central PA-based Adobe User Group in the past, and I wish you all the best of luck for the future.

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